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From: partyboi
Subject: College-Boy-BangingWell, here are some more true stories from my experiences, some recent,
some in the past. I like a wide variety of guys, but have Preteen Models Nude always
especially liked the college boys….so I thought I’d start a separate
thread of stories to share some of those experiences. You may have read
some of my other experiences at “Bathhouse Banging” and “Black’s Beach
Banging”To recap about me, I’m 38, in good shape, smooth, worked out body, at 5′10″
and 160lbs… Let’s just say I Preteen Models Nude never have a problem having sex with
whomever I want.O yea, and a Preteen Models Nude 7 x 6 dick with a banana up curve and a fat mushroom head that
always sends the boys reaching for their poppers.Here goes: several weeks ago I had to be Preteen Models Nude in a medium sized city in the
middle of a neighboring state in the Midwest. I was looking at a business
deal with a straight friend of mine. He was supposed to fly us there, but
the day before we were supposed to go- he was in another city with his
airplane and had some problems with the plane that were going to ground him
for a couple days. The bad news is that I’ll have to drive a long ass way
each direction. The good news: my straight friend won’t be there- so now I
can explore for sex.The afternoon before the trip, I get online and start searching out
opportunities on various “dating” sites- searching specifically in that
city. I was surprised at how many guys had posted adds- on a bunch of
different sites. I cherry picked a few I thought looked (if they had
pictures) or sounded ( if just text) good enough to try to hook up with on
such short notice. On a couple sites that I was a member of, I sent
messages to 4 guys and attached a picture of me on the beach- wearing
shorts- and I included my direct email address. Later that night, I had 3
responses. One hottie that had posted his picture said he was interested
but would be out of town- so look him up my next trip. A different dude,
who had not posted his picture- sent me a picture of himself naked spread
eagle on the bed- too chubby for my taste. The third dude- was 18, and he
sent me very obscene pictures of his butt hole and one face picture. He
looked totally cute- Preteen Models Nude with a sweet hole. I immediately responded to his
email and sent him a full frontal nude with a semi boner- but no face.
Then I went on to clean up some other Preteen Models Nude email stuff- and about 10 minutes
later he sends another email- this time with his naked body- laying on the
bed, with his butt raised up missionary position- holding his legs far
apart.-and a message that if I’m still online go to this chat room address
and look him up under young bottom boi.So off I go and find him in the chats as he said. We did a private chat
and complimented each others pictures and talked about how horny we were.
I suggested we talk on the phone and he responded with his cell phone
number.I called him and we talked dirty a bit and then agreed to hook up the next
night after my meeting. I told him the hotel name and said I would call
when my meeting is over- probably around 4:00 ish. Then I told him I was
going to eat his ass and pound it repeatedly…all night long- and he
responded something like fuck yea! From the subtle hints we were giving
each other- I knew I would be sending him home with a loose, sloppy wet
hole.I made the 5 hour drive the next day- horny as fuck the whole drive - and
got in and out of the meeting by 3:00. It was a waste of time- I was not
interested in this business deal at all. I called the cell phone number
right away.- No answer- so I left a generic message: “Brad- this is so and
so- my meeting just got over call me at 555-555-5555.Damn- I rushed back to the hotel to take a shower- and he called back while
I was in the shower. I immediately called back and he answered. He was
“more than ready to get his hole pounded”- but needed a ride. So he gave
me directions to a park near his house and I went and fetched my 18 year
college fuck toy. The second I turned into the park, there was a hottie
all American -boy next door type standing by a bench. I thought fuck- if
that’s him, I’m going to cum in my pants before we get back to the hotel.
It was him! I rolled down my window and said: “Brad?” He walked over to
the car and jumped in- big horny grin on his face- and we shook hands and
introduced ourselves as we started to drive off.We started Preteen Models Nude
complimenting each other and started talking dirty, and he said
something like “I’ve been looking at your picture all day thinking about
getting your big fat dick in my hungry little hole”. I responded something
like “good, I haven’t cummed in nearly 4 days and my dick is just itching
to feed a hungry hole, repeatedly!”We rushed up to my room and started making out and tearing off each other’s
clothes. Let me describe Brad (not his real name). Preteen Models Nude He was 6 foot tall-
weighed 130 lbs ( I asked him how much he weighed) had like a 27 inch
waste- totally hot swimmers build, really beautiful bubble butt, light
brown short hair- with a few remnants of blonde highlights- very straight
looking- but too pretty to be straight. He was completely shaved -no
pubes- and a beautiful 8 inch, slightly thin, flawlessly shaped, textured
and colored dick.We were naked in a minute and on the bed alternating sucking and kissing
for maybe 10 minutes. Then I knelt on the floor next to the bed and spread
his ass on the edge of the bed so I could start feasting on that sweet
hole. Fuck- it too, was flawless- a nice tight ring- but you could tell
it’s been fucked before. I got so fucking deep in there with my face- I
licked it, tongue fucked it, and sucked it until it was bright and rosy and
slightly puffy. I put my index finger from each hand inside the ring, and
gently pulled the ring open so I could get at his sweet love tube with my
tongue. Even though his butt ring was very tight- I could stretch it open
and really see into his pinkish red tunnel- and really got my tongue deep
in there. He was freaking out with passion- I’m not sure he’s Preteen Models Nude ever had his
ass eaten like that- we were both rock hard and dripping precum- I’ll bet I
ate the ass for 20 minutes- my jaw was getting sore.Finally, I stood up and leaned in between his legs and his hand grabbed my
drooling cock and guided it right into his fuck hole. He swallowed about
half of it and then winced up a little and held still. I let him get used
to it, then he said something like “that is so fuckin’ nice”. So then I
leaned in further and he slowly but surely swallowed the rest of my dick
with his hot tube.I eased about half way out and then back in- in a nice gentle motion-
feeling every detail of his hot tube as it masturbated my dick. I then
planted my dick deep and held it there for a few seconds- to try to prevent
from cumming too soon. I looked down and his hot teen boner was throbbing
and red. I pulled most of the way back out and stood back a little-
holding on to his ankles and getting a good view of my dick sliding in and
out of his hole- and watching that ring of his gripping my fat dick as I
slowly slid out to just the head, was all I could take. I whispered, “I’m
getting close” and he immediately grabbed his boner and started stroking on
it and whispered back “blow it in my hole dude” and I buried it in him
balls deep and held it still and let my ab muscles do the flexing while my
dick started pulsing out a big load deep in his belly- and after about the
3rd shot I fired he whispered “o yea, that’s it, wet my hole,” I could feel
his butt ring flexing on my dick as he started blowing his come all over
his chest and shoulders. I just kept my dick planted deep and let his ass
ring milk my cock dry.When we were both done, I collapsed on top of him and we started making
out, with my dick still buried in his hole. I left it in there for a
while, relishing in the warmth and wetness of his cummy hole. After maybe
5 minutes, I slowly withdrew my Preteen Models Nude slightly deflated cock and stared at his
slightly dilated rosebud- Other than a few remnants of cum on my shiny
dick- the rest of the cum stayed deep inside his hole.We laid on the bed for a while and giggled, and gasped in that post cum
bliss. We gently explored each others bodies and caressed each others
slightly puffy dicks- and both agreed that we need more. I suggested a
little break to re-charge, and get some water and maybe hop in the
whirlpool that was just inside the outdoor pool area of the hotel. I
decided given our age differences, I had better sneak in the bathroom and
pop a viagra so I can keep pace with this dude for rounds 2, 3 and 4.We hit the whirlpool and got to know each other better. He’s a freshman in
college at a local private college- he really is 18- almost 19, even though
he looks barely 15. We relaxed in the hot tub for a while- until a dad and
his 2 kids came in. So we headed back up to my room and decided to take a
shower to wash off the major dose of chlorine. We horsed around and
giggled in the shower for a while, then pretty soon we’re both hard again
and start taking turns sucking each others dicks. I’ll confess- I’m not a
great cock sucker- I gag easily and get tired sucking easily- but his dick
was just right- even though it was like 8 inches- it was thin enough to
where I could relax my throat enough to swallow his hole dick- and I almost
never do that. He on the other hand was an expert cock sucker- he
swallowed my 7 by 6 inch dick with hardly a whimper- and he has the best,
puffy, pouty little set of twink cocksucking lips I’ve ever seen.We dried off and headed back to bed and took turns sucking on each others
dicks for about 1/2 hour. Then, when I was laying on my back, getting my
dick sucked, he slid up my body and gently stuck my viagra boner in his
butt and eased all the way down on it. He slowly got used to it again and
start picking up the speed. Pretty soon the cum I fucked into him earlier
started sliding down my shaft- and that lubed things up nicely for him. He
shifted his legs so he Preteen Models Nude
was now squatting down on my dick with his feet
planted flat on the bed- he could really take some long strokes that way
and started jamming up and down trying to bounce a load out of my dick. I
just laid there in ecstasy as I watched his flawless boner bouncing up and
down as he rode my boner. We did this for like 10 minutes at various
speeds, and he finally declared that he was going to cum and started
jerking another nice load- this time across my chest and shoulders. It was
hot to watch- his dickhead was pointed at me and it turned really red when
he started to shoot. He slowed down his bouncing some and asking me if I
was close and I said: ” yea, where do you want me to shoot it?” and he
shouted at me: “fuckin blow it in my hole”.So I sat up a little and pushed him back a little so I’m sitting up and
he’s sitting down on my dick. And leans his hands back to support himself
on the bed, and starts really slamming on my dick- about 2 minutes of this
piston action and I blow my load deep inside. After I came, he leaned
forward and we kissed- with my dick still lodged in his well lubed hole.
Then he slowly lifted off me, and my still hard dick disengages from his
hole and as he raises up a big flow of cum drools from his dilated hole. We
were spent- so we crashed in bed for about an hour, almost asleep, but not
quite there.I was spooning his body with mine, and got another boner- but now I had to
pee- so I got up and took a boner piss in the bathtub and when I came back
in the room he was laying on the bed with his legs spread- showing me his
slightly abused boyhole. He starts playing with his hole- pushing it open-
trying to make it dilate- and wink at me. He’s says something like “I love
feeling my hole all puffy and slippery with cum”. I responded something
like ” that is a hot fuck hole- where’d you learn to do all this?” ( I
love hearing and telling about sex experiences).I ordered a pizza, and climbed back in bed and started asking about some of
his sex experiences. Fairly typical early boyhood stuff- truth or dare
games- getting naked and hardons around 9 & 10 years old, comparing boners
etc. By the time he was 11 he could jack off and cum a little and had some
circle jerks with 3 or 4 other school boys on a couple of slumber party
nights. When he was 12, he and his best friend started sucking each others
dicks at least a couple times a week- and after the first 3 or 4 times they
started swallowing each others cum. He started to get pubes when he was 12
and his cum loads got way bigger. Then they started putting fingers and
pens and carrots and stuff like that in each others Preteen Models Nude
butts. One day his
friend used the handle of a hairbrush on Brads butt, and all of a sudden it
hit a spot that just made him cum without touching himself. From then on
he realized he had to have something in his butt to get off- so they
started butt fucking regularly- sometimes 5 or 6 times a week- and one time
4 times in one day.Then that following summer, when he was 13, his fuck buddy went to Europe
with his grandparents for 2 months. So he had to find a new fuck toy. One
Saturday afternoon another friend and his dad took Brad golfing and out for
pizza. His parents were in another city for the day and wouldn’t be home
until late that night. When Brad got home from pizza, his 17 year old
brother, 4 of his friends and 2 girls were in their swimming pool- stark
naked (1 girl had her bikini still on). Brad said at first he just watched
from the upstairs window- watching these 5 hot guys running around the pool
naked- dicks and balls flopping everywhere. Then he got enough nerve to go
out there and jump in (with his trunks on).After horsing around for a while, Brads brother was going to take one girl
to his room to mess around- so he made the others leave- except for the
brothers best friend was allowed to hang out. The brothers best friend
(let’s call him Steve) stayed in the pool and talked Brad into getting
naked. They horsed around and eventually were sitting on the edge of the
pool and Steve popped a boner- and Brad did too. Steve asked him if he
ever had sex and Brad said yes- so Steve grabbed a beach towel and some
suntan lotion and led him behind these tall bushes in the yard- out of view
of the house. Steve knelt down and started sucking Brads dick- then Brad
did the same- and soon enough, Steve was grabbing the lotion and lubing
Brads hole. In no time Brad was kneeling down and Steve mounted him slowly
and soon was fucking his ass hard. After Steve came, he bent over and let
Brad fuck him, and then Steve fucked Brad again. He said they both came 3
times in like Preteen Models Nude 30 minutes.Steve and Brad spent the rest of that summer fucking each other, every
chance they got. One time they even fucked right in the pool, in broad
daylight, with Brad’s mom in the house. Well, these stories got me rock
hard again, so I put Brad on his stomach and climbed aboard and drove my
dick deep into his pink hole and shot another load in like 5 minutes. Now
I was totally spent and our “date” was over. We got dressed and I dropped
Brad back at the park- and of course thanked him profusely.I’ll have to visit that city again- real soon!College Boys- part 2:The second experience I want to share today happened about 4 years ago-
when I was living in a condo. We had this lawn mowing service that had a
couple of hot guys on the crew. One was unbelievably hot. About 5′8″,
maybe 150 lbs- nice muscle body- great tan- blondish hair. I always made
excuses to hang outside on Monday’s- when they came to mow the lawn. I was
on the Condo board of directors in charge of the property maintenance
committee- so I always made excuses to go talk to these guys. I think the
owner of the lawn service knew I was gay- and I think maybe his workers did
too.Anyway, one day, Blondie (let’s call him Sean) showed up Late Tuesday
afternoon to trim a bunch of low hanging tree limbs that interfered with
the lawnmowers. I just happen to come home early that day and saw his old
beat up car parked on our street- so I changed into shorts and went in
search of him. He was trimming some trees along this creek area on the
back of the property. I went over to chat with him and sort of help out.
Shortly after I arrived he peeled off his shirt- lucky me. He was wearing
baggy cloth work out shorts and boxers- and you could totally see his
hanging meat when he moved in just the right fashion. We chatted while
working- this was his summer job- he was going to be a junior at a state
university. After about an hour- with tons more trees to trim- he asked me
if we had bathrooms at our pool- he needed to take a leak. Well, the pool
was on the other end of the property- and I said just piss in the woods- no
one can see from here. So he took 2 steps into the semi tall grass and was
turned sideways view to me and flopped out this big fat, pinkish-white
pecker and started pissing a mean stream. While he was pissing he made a
point to continue talking to me- and I had to take a step closer to him to
hear what he was saying- and he totally, purposefully, turned his body a
little more towards me- not towards the woods- and gave a full front on
view of his pissing weiner.Fuck, my ears were ringing and Preteen Models Nude
my heart was pounding- I have no idea what
we were talking about. His dick was like 5 inches soft- with a big head-
and tons of wrinkled up skin down the whole shaft. I think I just stared at
it- Preteen Models Nude totally obvious to him. He pissed long and hard and finally dribbled
out the last drops and then pulled and shook that thing- almost to half
boner- and smiled the whole time I stared. Once it was back inside his
shorts- it was showing a lot bigger than when I first got there- he was at
least half hard. At this point I let caution to the wind and let my own
boner poke my shorts out- so it was obvious I was sporting a woody- he
clearly saw this and let his own dick go to full mast- and it totally
tented out his shorts.I was so nervous and he was so calm and casual about it. He went back to
trimming some lower limbs- boner tenting his shorts. At one point Preteen Models Nude he
reached down and squeezed his boner through his shorts and said something
like- “fuck I got morning wood in the afternoon”. I snapped into reality-
and commented something like “it looks like you’ve got a bowling pin in
your shorts- how big is that thing?” He chuckled and said “I don’t know- I
suppose it’s around 9 inches” and then he pulled the waste band down below
his balls and totally exposed his big boner to me and said “how big would
you say?” I responded by saying that mine was like 7 inches (and I whipped
out my boner) and I said something like “yours looks way more than 2 inches
bigger than me”. We each took a step closer and he grabbed my dick and
said let’s compare- and he stepped right in front of me and merged our
dicks together in his hand. He took both of his hands and stroked our
dicks together and we both slowly grinded on the feeling. We basked in
this sexual high for like 3 minutes- while he masturbated our dicks
together- and then said something like- “this fucker ain’t going soft until
I get a nut”. I said something like “well if that’s the case- lets go back
to my house so we can get some relief out of sight”. He said something
like “works for me”.With that, we stuck our boners back in our shorts and grabbed our shirts to
carry in front of our crotches to hide our tented shorts from anyone’s view
on the way back to the my condo. We were both pretty sweaty- especially
him- and I debated about having us jump in the shower- but I was afraid of
interrupting the flow. He took off his dirty work boots immediately inside
the front door and then pulled his shorts off- and then looked at me as if
to say what’s next. I said something like ” why don’t we go back here” and
led him to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes,
and he came over and stood right in front of me with his big fucking dick
right at my face. I started to open my mouth and make the approach to his
dick and he just shoved it in as fast and hard as he could and I
immediately had a big gag reflex and spit it back out. He apologized and
let me do the work. I slowly began savoring his dick and sucking on the
head. I could only get about 4 inches in my mouth, and still had a good
fistful left over. I sucked and licked for like 5 minutes and he reached
down to pull off my shorts. Now naked, I continued to suck and he was
stroking my boner and reached down to feel my butt hole. He asked if I get
fucked and I said not really, but I might let him try if he promises to go
easy and cum fast.He responded something like: “I want to fuck so bad”. So I stood up and
grabbed some lotion off my dresser and started applying liberal amounts to
his raging boner- I swear it grew another inch now that he knew he was
going to fuck. He pushed me back on the bed and turned me over on my
stomach and grabbed the lotion and started working some into my hole.
Usually I hate having a finger up my ass, but he did it in such a gentle,
professional fashion, it felt good. Then he climbed on and started his
journey up my seldom used butthole. It took several attempts to just get
the head in, and once that fat head popped through my butt ring, I
shuddered in deep pain and immediately pushed it back out and assumed the
fetal position until the sharp pain subsided.I said wait a second, I’ve got an idea, and went to my porno closet and
grabbed a bottle of poppers. I climbed back up on the bed and said
something like I need some poppers to get through this. He didn’t know
what poppers were and I said you take a sniff and they help your muscles
relax. So he climbed back on top and I sniffed my poppers, hard and deep,
and this time his journey was much easier. He slowly but surely got his
dick buried deep in my hole. Then I told him to just hold it there for a
minute so I could get used to it. I took another hit of poppers and handed
some to him- and he took a big sniff and then I said go for it and he
started a nice rythym in and out- not long strokes- but definetely deep
strokes. It only took him like 8 strokes and he moaned and collapsed on my
body rutting his big dick deep up my hole. And I Preteen Models Nude felt his big fat mushroom
head grow to even larger dimensions as he blasted his load inside my gut.
He came and came and came- and then shuddered several post orgasm shudders
and then abruptly pulled out and rolled onto his back. “Fuck, that was
awesome!- it felt like my whole body was cumming” was his first response.
“You want some pay back?” was his second response as he rolled over and
stuck his sweet bubble butt in the air.You never have to ask me twice. I immediately grabbed the lotion and
applied to my soft, but rapidly growing dick. My ass was still stinging
from his abrupt disengagement, but my dick knew how to rise to the
occasion. I lubed us both up good, and climbed aboard and stuck my own fat
mushroom head at his tiny fuzzy hole. I got the head in, and he tensed up-
a lot- but didn’t push me back out. He was breathing hard and trying to
accommodate me- so I handed him the poppers and he took a hit and then
spilled the bottle on the bed. I was too far gone sexually to care- and
the room was overwhelmed with poppers- but his butt hole totally opened up
and swallowed the rest of my dick. He Preteen Models Nude was flyin high- and so Preteen Models Nude was I.It only took about 10 gentle in and out strokes on his vice grip muscle
butt and I blew my load deep inside. When I started shooting, my butt ring
started to spasm and with out trying, I dislodged a big clump of his sperm
out of my butthole and it ran down my balls as I was shooting my wadd up
his butt- I never had that happen before- it felt so awesome. I layed
there on top of his hot body, with my dick still imbedded in his tight hole
for maybe 3 minutes- then I felt him slowly push my dick out of his hole.
He commented something like- fuck dude- you got a fat dick. Then he
reached over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and grabbed his shorts
and boxers and slipped them back on and said thanks- but he better get back
to work. So off he went-with a buttfull of my cum- and I only saw him 2
more times that summer but never alone. As much as I wanted a repeat- I
never got the nerve to try to get the message to him.College boy- part 3This next one took place 2 summers ago when I was at a gay tourist area for
spring break.I was traveling with my rich friend and a cute twink boy we had become
friends with- but at that point hadn’t had sex with (yet-that will be a
later story). So here we are in a resort area- popular with spring
breakers- and of course there is a gay area- which is where we stayed at Preteen Models Nude a
gay bed and breakfast.One of the many gay bars was open early- like 10:00 A.M.- so we usually
stopped there on the way to the beach to have a bloody mary to take the
edge off our hang-overs. We also usually stopped there on the way back
from the beach in the afternoon. The bartender there was - hot hot hot.
We also talked and flirted with him- my rich friend stated the first time
we were there that he always drinks more and tips better when the bartender
takes his shirt off- so our new friend- (call him Andy) obliged. He
immediately pulled off his tank top and confirmed what we already knew-
flawless body. I forgot to mention that his tank top said The University
of —– which is where I went to college. It turns out that Preteen Models Nude he went there
for a couple years about 5 years ago.- So he’s not exactly college age-
turns out to be 26- but he was all college boy to me.Andy was about 5′6″- hard to guess his weight- but was very nicely built-
like a gymnast-wrestler build- absolutely perfect body to match his cute
straight boy face. The rest of the trip- the minute he saw us walk into the
bar- he would stop what he was doing and peel off his shirt for us. We
flirted a lot and he flirted back- with all 3 of us- of course you assume
he’s working the tips. We where staying their for 10 days- so we got to
see him lots. When Saturday night rolled around- he wasn’t working during
the day- but instead was on the night shift. The bar had like a beach
party/swimsuit theme going on that night- and he was wearing surfer shorts
and a beach shirt- until we walked in- then the shirt came off.We Preteen Models Nude
had been there 4 days, and I hadn’t cum yet- too much drinking I guess.
Before we went out that Saturday, my rich friend handed me a whole viagra
and announced it was time to get busy- as he popped one down his throat.
It was only like 7:00 and I said I wanted to wait or I’ll be walking around
with a boner all night- so I put it in my cargo shorts pocket. I was
wearing cargo shorts and flip flops- no shirt- for the beach party. Preteen Models Nude
We got
to Andy’s bar and he pealed off his shirt and gave us his famous sexy grin.
I went to pee and came back to the bar and as I approached the bar- Andy
had grabbed a super soaker squirt gun and started shooting water all over
the front of my crotch. Very funny- but now it looked like I pissed
myself-and cargo shorts take forever to dry. They all laughed and I tried
to fake being annoyed and said something like- you better be careful when
you go to the rest room- because I’ll follow you in and shoot my own super
soaker all over you. He smiled and raised his eyebrows in approval- Preteen Models Nude ummm-
I might actually be able to get a piece of this. So I sat down and bitched
about my soaking wet crotch- and mentioned something like I might run back
to my room and change. Andy brought me a free drink and said- please don’t
leave- then he asked if I had underwear on and I said yea- boxers- and he
said well peel of your shorts and hand them to me and I’ll hang them in
front of the small fan that was next to the corner of the bar. So I
emptied my one pocket- my room key, my I.D. some cash, and a wet viagra
that was starting to dissolve. I held out my little blue pill that was
starting to turn white- and said- “look what you’ve done- this was for an
emergency- and now you’ve forced me to take it early” and I popped it in my
mouth. Then I gave him my shorts to dry in front of the fan- and then I
said ‘look my boxers are wet too- Andy- you’ll have to blow dry these’ and
he smiled and raised his eyebrows again.We sat and drank and flirted and after about an hour- Andy asked the status
of the viagra dick in my boxers. Well, until he asked me I was fine, but I
now I immediately popped a boner- and it tented out my boxers. I tried to
adjust a little and it sprung out Preteen Models Nude
of the fly. My rich friend looked over
at my bare woody and started laughing and pointing- so Andy leaned over the
bar to peek- and I got a little nervous and leaned in a little to hide it-
and he said something like- come on- let me see- so I leaned back and let
him have a good gander of my bare boner. He responded something like-
nice- I might have to take you up on the offer to blow dry you.-Bingo- it
pays to advertise. The bar was starting to get busy and Andy couldn’t
spend as much time with us- but he did make lots of serious eye contact
with me from across the bar whenever he had the chance. I concealed my
boner- and by now my shorts were mostly dry so I put them back on. It was
time to go bar hopping and Andy was swamped with customers anyway. I
switched drinks from vodka to beer because rich guy keeps buying rounds so
fast- I don’t want to get too drunk.We bar hopped and had fun- and hit some straight clubs to boy watch- and
eventually the 3 of us split up and went our own ways. I was hot and
sweaty and headed back to my room to shower and drink a red bull to wake
up. By now it was like 1:30 or so and I threw on some baggy soccer shorts-
no undies- and headed back to Andy’s bar. Just walking down the street-
thinking about Andy- I popped a boner- but didn’t care. I went to his bar
and sat down- and he was busy filling drink orders- when he spotted me and
stopped what he was doing and grabbed my Preteen Models Nude
brand of beer and set it in front
of me- and said it’s on me- don’t leave- I’ll be right back. He went and
finished making some drinks, checked around with the other customers and
came back over to me and leaned over the bar and asked how viagra dick was
doing. I leaned back a little and pulled my shorts open and pulled out me
semi boner and gave it a couple shakes to go full hard right in front of
his eyes- and then I said something like- “hard, hot, horny and full of
cum”.I let my boner go back in my shorts and pulled a half viagra out of my
pocket and handed to Andy and said ‘you need to play catch up’. He took it
and smiled, and washed it down with my beer. Then he said- “I hope you can
finished what you started- because I could get nasty with you”. I said
baby- I hope your hot little ass feels hungry for cock tonight, because I
haven’t cum in 4 days and I’m getting serious nasty cum build up”. He said
something like- “I hope you can wait 2 more hours until we close- because
my hole is very hungry - I mean I have a very, very hungry hole tonight!”Then he got busy making drinks again- and there was a small but steady
stream of people coming and going- just enough to keep him busy- but always
looking over and smiling. The crowd was getting thin, and he came over and
said he was taking a ten minute break before closing- and the old booze hag
bartender was going to cover for him. He had me follow him down this short
dark hallway that connected to a different part of the bar and stopped at a
door- unlocked it - lead me into the dimly lit supply room and grabbed my
face and stuck his tongue half way down my throat. We sucked face and
groped and peel off clothes and were naked and he was on his knees sucking
my dick. I had only got a slight feel of his Preteen Models Nude boner and a quick glimpse- it
was nice- like 6 inches- shaved. While he was squatted down sucking, I
reached down to feel his love hole. It was nice and smooth and clean and
while you could tell it’s been fucked before- you could tell it was going
to be an expert hole. He moaned as I massaged his butt ring. I wet 2
fingers and spread my spit around his hole and inched 2 fingers slightly
past his o ring. He deep throated me and clamped his o ring tight around
my fingers- demonstrating to me what a talented and hungry hole he has. He
then got my dick nice and wet with his spit, and stood up- slightly bent
over and put his own spit on his hole. He turned towards a small stack of
beer cases and leaned over them- sticking his butt in the air towards me
and commanded me to fuck him now. Preteen Models Nude I straddled each side of his cute jock
legs and positioned myself between his hot smooth globes. I slid my raging
and dripping boner up and down his butt crack- feeling the heat of his
sweet and hungry hole- he was impatient and reached back and grabbed my
dick and brought it to his hungry hole and eased it in- gasping only
briefly and then swallowing the hole thing balls deep.I leaned forward and pressed my chest against his hot little muscle back
and held still buried deep inside him. I could have squirted right then.
I then slowly backed off him and looked down to watch my dick stretch his
cute boy hole. It held on tight- like it was trying to stop me from
withdrawing. After about 3 nice long slow strokes in and out of his hole-
he leaned back and pushed me so I was pinned against the wall. He spread
his legs a little and gave me deeper access to his hole- I was as far in as
it goes- held hostage there. He was pressing me hard against the wall so I
could not pump in and out. Then, without moving his butt off of my deeply
imbedded dick, he started using his inner ass muscles to milk up and down
my shaft- it was amazing- my dick was perfectly still- buried deep- and it
felt Preteen Models Nude like 4 small warm, Preteen Models Nude wet gentle hands milking my dick like a cows utter.
This lasted for about 1 minute and I shot a huge 4 day load deep in his
ass- the way he milked each cum shot out- it felt like a gave him 10 good
hard squirts- and then about 6 post orgasm shutters. He then slowly
started pumping up and down on my dick and I could feel the cum sloshing
around inside. After a few minutes of him sliding up and down on my still
rock hard and slippery dick- he stood up and pushed my boner out and turned
around and put his palm under my cum slimed boner and just stared at it for
a few seconds and then blew his load all over my stomach, chest, his chest,
my dick, and my well trimmed pubes. When he finished cumming we embraced
with the cum all over the front our bodies. Then Preteen Models Nude before I could kiss him,
he dropped to his knees and deep throated my cummy dick until it was
crystal clean. Five more minutes of that, and I could have came again- but
he grabbed our clothes and said- “back to work- but I hope you’ll hang out
till I get off work- for rounds 2,3 & 4.”Well, duh- so I waited until he was done at Preteen Models Nude like 3:30. I suggested my room
and off we went. We stopped by the pool, swam naked- made out a little-
got out of the pool with our boners- in front of like 8 other late night
partiers- and headed to my room.He sat on the edge of the bed and I lifted his legs and bent his knees back
to his ears. WOW- what a nice hole- I reached over and turned on the side
light for even better lighting- to see this nice hole. It was bright pink
and flawless- begging attention and whispering to me. I went to town
liking, tongue fucking and sucking hard on his hole. When you get a beauty
of a hole like this- you know you have to suck on it until the o ring is
puffy- I mean suck hard- until you practically lift him off the head-
because you are pushing his limit. I did this for at least 20 minutes-
until my cheeks were sore.My dick was drooling big time, and I had the rock hard boner you get when
your mind is telling your dick that it’s about to fuck this sweet hole. I
smeared my pre lube around his hole and then inserted gently until his lips
opened enough to take in my fat cock head. I continued the rest of the way
into his hot tube until I was buried- then I just stirred it around a
little and made my dick pulse for him. He looked up and rolled his eyes
and grabbed his dick and said sternly ” Don’t you cum yet!” I eased back
out and started doing Preteen Models Nude a nice medium fast pump on his hole, and he was
fisting his dick like mad- for maybe 3 minutes- and then he started
begging: “Fuckin’ shoot it in me” so I pumped like 4 more times and buried
it deep as I announce quietly “I’m cumming”. He rocked his hips really
quick for 2 seconds and I started to shoot deep in his ass, and after about
my second squirt, his nice puffy pink rose bud started collapsing on my
dick base, milking the next 5 shots out of my dick. We both had nice cum
loads again. I kept my still hard dick in his hole- and he didn’t seem to
mind. So I leaned in and started kissing hard, gently sliding around in
his cum hole. We stayed like that for like Preteen Models Nude 10 minutes, and then I
whispered I need to take a pee break- which I really did. He pulled me
tight and told me to piss right there. I focused a little on pissing and
held my dick still- and sure enough, I started pissing through my boner
deep in his gut. They may seam freaky to some- but I loved the feeling of
pissing with a rock hard boner- especially in this hot hole.I pissed for a long time, taking slight pauses. Now he was flooded with my
hot piss and cum, and my viagra dick is in heaven- so I start a nice fast
paced pumping action, pinning him totally down and pounding him pretty good
for about 5 minutes- then fired another load up his ass. This time after I
shot, I slowly slid out of him and let his legs down gently and sat him up
with Preteen Models Nude my dripping dick at his face and shoved it back down his throat. He
sucked my semi-hard cock for about 10 minutes and blew his load all over my
ankles with my dick buried in his throat.I collapsed on the bed and he went to the bathroom. By now the sun was
coming up. We fell asleep for a couple hours and I woke up to him sucking
on my morning hardon. When he saw I was awake, he climbed up and straddled
my boner and guided it to his hot boy pussy and buried it in balls deep.
He bounced on me really hard for about 5 minutes and grabbed his boner and
jerked it about 10 times and blew his load all over my chest and neck. I
still kept pumping trying to get my nut- but he was too sore. So I rolled
him on his back and started eating his dilated hole-still nice and clean-
It was well loosened up- but still beautiful and puffy. He could open
about the size of a silver dollar and wink at me. I sucked his hole and
jacked my dick- and when I got close, I stood up and Preteen Models Nude
he pulled his butthole
wide open and “said shoot in” so I pointed right at his gaping hole and
fired another load- about 3/4 through my orgasm, I jammed my cock in and
finshed the job deep inside.I rolled off and we kissed for a minute and then he left and I went to
sleep for about 5 hours. I saw him everyday- but only had sex one more
time. During the week his boyfriend was always there, waiting for him to
get off work. I tried to hook up- but he couldn’t get away from his
boyfriend except on weekends. One late afternoon- before his boyfriend
arrived, Preteen Models Nude I stopped in and he ushered me back to the supply room Preteen Models Nude and pulled
off his shorts, bent over and said you got 3 minutes. I wiped out my boner
and stuck it in his already lubed boyhole and gently used his nice butthole
to masturbate a nice cumload from my dick. -Afternoon delight! What a

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